Learn How To Create a Backyard Bird Sanctuary the  RIGHT way!
 A Simple Solution for Bird Lovers Who Want Everything  In One Place on Creating The Perfect Backyard Sanctuary. 
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I'm Heather with Birds Academy. We're passionate about two things here at Birds Academy: birds and our readers. So, when we had the opportunity to create an ebook on how to create a backyard bird sanctuary, we jumped at the chance!

Not only is creating a backyard bird sanctuary a fun and rewarding process, but it also provides a number of benefits for both the birds and the humans involved. For the birds, a sanctuary provides a safe and protected place to live, mate, and raise their young. 

For humans, building a backyard bird sanctuary can be a great way to get outside and connect with nature. In addition, providing habitat for birds can help to offset the loss of natural habitat due to development or other human activity.

We hope that our ebook will inspire people to create their own backyard bird sanctuaries so that everyone can enjoy the beauty and benefits of these special places!

So, if you have ever looked out your window and wished you could attract more birds to your yard or been overwhelmed trying to make your backyard more bird-friendly? Well, no worries this book will show you how with simple steps! 

"Creating a Backyard Bird Sanctuary" is chock-full of tips, tricks and advice on how to turn your yard into a haven for feathered friends.

 Whether you're an experienced birdwatcher or just getting started, this book has something for everyone. This book provides everything you need to know to attract feathered friends to your yard, including which plants and trees to choose, how to provide water and shelter, the perfect placement and what type of food they like, and much more. 

Find out which common yard items to use and avoid, and what you can do to help protect these delicate creatures. Best of all, creating a backyard bird sanctuary is a fun and rewarding project the whole family can enjoy. 

So why wait?

 Pick up a copy of "How To Create a Backyard Bird Sanctuary" today!

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Who We Are?
Hello, we are husband and wife team Keith and Heather, a family of 7. We also have a business partner who is known as Memaw in our house who helps write and create content for our readers over at Birdsacademy.com, Rhonda

 As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of spending time outdoors surrounded by nature. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of watching birds up close. This is why we are passionate about creating backyard bird sanctuaries.

Heather has always loved animals. As a child, she would spend hours in her backyard, enjoying nature and the wildlife around her. When she was older, she began to take an interest in birds when birds started to visit their front porch, and the kids really started to enjoy the love of birds as well.

In 2021, Heather decided to share her love of birds with the world by starting Birds Academy. Through her website, Heather offers advice on everything from selecting the right bird feed to creating a bird-friendly environment in your home.

 In addition, she provides tips on how to attract all kinds of species of birds to your yard. Whether you're a lifelong bird lover or someone who's just getting started, Heather's goal is to help you get the most out of your bird-watching experience. 

She has a BA in Education and decided to use her degree to explore a career in writing. She is a content writer and contributor for Birds Academy and a few of their other content sites that she finds passion in. She also has a love for photography. Writing allows her to share her love of writing, and photography helps her capture the beauty of the world around her. Pursuing both of these passions has been incredibly rewarding, and she feels lucky to be able to do what she loves every day.

Keith is one of the founding members of Birds Academy. He has always had a love for animals, and this grew into a passion for birds when he moved into his current home. Birds started to visit on a daily basis without much effort. 

His work behind the scenes is essential to the success of the Academy. He helps with all of the research and writing that goes into creating the content for the website and social media. He also helps to plan and organize our posts. Without Keith, Birds Academy would not be the same!

Rhonda has always had a keen interest in birds and nature, so when she learned about our business here at Birds Academy, she was eager to get involved. She has been a valuable member of our team, sharing her expertise on various topics and helping with our research and writing. Thanks to her attention to detail, we have been able to produce some truly helpful articles. 

She also has a knack for spotting birds and understanding birds' behaviors, and she's been able to use that knowledge to help with our research. She's also helped us to write more concise and informative articles about birds. 

We are very lucky to have her on our team!
Learn How To Create A Backyard Bird Sanctuary!
for a bird lover who feels overwhelmed
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Who This eBook is For...
* Anyone who wants to transform their backyard into a beautiful sanctuary for birds 

*Anyone who wants to create a place where birds can feel safe and comfortable in your backyard

*Anyone who wants to make their yard more bird-friendly 

*Anyone that wants to discover how to create a feeding area, nesting site, and more 

*Anyone that wants tips and advice on how to create a backyard that will attract birds of all kinds 

*Anyone who loves birds and wants to bring them into their backyard with simple steps
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Backyard Bird Sanctuary eBook FAQs
  When I purchase the ebook, how will it be delivered to me?
"Creating a Backyard Bird Sanctuary ebook" is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the ebook, you will be able to access the book from the link on your Order Confirmation page. You will also be sent an email with an access link to your ebook. Once you click your access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer or your phone/tablet.

If for any reason I don't like the book, how do I get a refund?
Due to the digital aspects of our product we are unable to issue a refund once the order is placed! All Sales are Final. 

Does the ebook include everything we need to create a bird sanctuary?
It does! Most of the ebook is focused on the most important aspects of creating a bird sanctuary which is finding the perfect placement of your backyard sanctuary , but we have included everything else you need as well! 

Do I need a big space in my backyard to create a backyard bird sanctuary? 
Not necessarily. You do not want to clutter up your space for birds but you do not need a huge space for your backyard sanctuary. As long as you have a small yard and a place in your yard that you can turn into a bird oasis then you do not have to worry about space. 

Is there anything else included with the ebook?
Yes, we have a free gift in our ebook including information on some problems and issues that you may encounter. We also have a special offer at the end of our ebook as a thank you! You will always get a fresh copy of the ebook if we make any changes or add more information in the future.
Can this information be applied to any backyard no matter the location?
Ye,s the information in the ebook can be applied to any backyard no matter where you are located.
For support issues or questions - Please email us at keith@birdsacademy.com
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